HRT Max Health specializes in pairing you with one of our several physicians that are leaders in the field of HRT. We consult with you one-on-one to determine what your needs and specific goals are. We then make recommendations based on maximizing your potential.

This preventive medical approach is designed to help end the symptoms associated with menopause, andropause and hormonal imbalance.

Hormone Replacement Therapy, or HRT, is beneficial to both aging men and women. It is the process of replacing the hormones that your body needs to function optimally. Hormones available for qualified HRT clients like Human Growth Hormone (hGH) and testosterone are molecule by molecule identical to the same hormones produced in the human body. Production of these hormones can be augmented as the aging process contributes to a decline in your hormone levels . At HRT Max Health, your physician will assess your individual needs and work to restore these hormones during times when it is needed.

HRT for Men

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HRT for Women

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HRT Max Health is proud to announce that we have finally found a product line that is worthy of offering to our clients. NeuroBiologix is held to the highest industry standards and has been found only in doctors office's or direct from the manufacturer until now!!

The testosterone hormone is produced by the testes and responsible for the proper development of male sexual characteristics. Testosterone is important for maintaining muscle bulk, adequate levels of red blood cells, bone density, sense of well-being, and sexual reproductive function.

The amount of testosterone in the body gradually declines as a man ages. This naturally occuring decline starts after age 30 and continues throughout life. The significance of this decline is poorly understood. Among other potential symptoms of low testosterone are: